HydroForce Gekko

HydroForce Gekko

Works well with any kind of truck mount or portable extractor.

The HydroForce Gekko hand tool blasts out high-pressured water using an innovative brand new spray jet that generates an incredibly strong spray to clean-up some seriously soiled grout. Could be utilized with any pressure level between 100 psi to 2000 psi. It is mainly used to work on corners & edges as being a detailing tool . The wand and three special Gekko hand tool heads can be purchased separately. – *5 1/2″ original head is included.

AR54 Retail Price: $344.00 Rotovc: $312.55

HydroForce Gekko 14″ Brush Head

Ideal for cleaning vulnerable hard surface types whenever a brush head’s agitation is needed.


AR54H Retail Price: $214.00 Rotovac: $193.80
HydroForce Gekko 14″ Squeegee Head

Built to clean bumpy surface types and also whenever extreme water removal is required.

AR54E Retail price: $207.00 Rotovac: $188.58
Gekko 5 1/2″ Original Head

An effective tool to work on edging pieces and also small spots. Incredibly helpful whenever extra power is required directly on a heavily dirtied grout.

AR54D Retail Price: $145.00 Rotovac: $132.05
Stainless Steel Gekko Wand


This instrument could be utilized together with any one of the three Gekko heads.

AR54A Retail Price: $228.85 Rotovac: $208.05
Gekko Edge/Corner/Coving Tool

With just 1 easy move, this piece of equipment can simply clean coving, corners, and also edges flawlessly. Also use the built-in cover to clean the floor edge.


AR54C Retail Price: $208.00 Rotovac: $189.95

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