HydroForce SX-15

HydroForce SX-15

HydroForce SX-12HydroForce SX-12



  • An excellent 15″ wide cleaning trail allows you to clean 25 % quicker compared to the 12″ units
  • Built to not require tools in order to fix & change components. Simple to repair and maintain!
  • Set the capacity of the vac suction power using an easy-to-nudge toe switch
  • Simple to maintain in-line filtration system helps make it really easy to clean out the filter



  • Top quality components will tackle operating demands from 700 PSI – 2,600 PSI to help you clean all the stubborn greasy stains
  • A stainless-steel handle and durable external casing can withstand even the most difficult project



  • Lightweight structure makes the device seem like it’s moving with wheels
  • The wand size will make operators with different heights feel comfortable



AW105 – Retail Price: $845.00 Rotovac: $775.00


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