HydroForce Water Otter

HydroForce Water Otter

Using HydroForce Water-Otter you could utilize your portable extractor for cleaning tile really efficiently! Just connect the pressure-hose to the Water Otter instead of to the standard extractor to acquire 1200 psi which is actually an extremely great force that will be more than sufficient to eliminate those terrible grout lines!


  • Heavy Duty Portable Device
  • Pump and Motor Made In USA
  • 1,200 psi, 2.2 gpm at nozzle end
  • 14.3 amp excellent functioning motor
  • Maintenance-free 1200 psi pump
  • 1,000 hours steady, full-load rated
  • Simple repair, inexpensive components

  • Each Component is “The Best In the industry”
  • GFCI with 35′ cord
  • Female hose inlet
  • 1/4″ Female easy connect socket

120 Volt
250 to
8 to 15 amps

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