Hydroforce Hard Surface Tools

Hydroforce Hard Surface Equipment is designed to make the tile & grout as nice and clean as it gets. The SX-15 & Hydroforce SX-12 are the professional standard, and definitely will amaze your clients.

Deliver fast performance with any kind of project using the most sophisticated hard
surface device on market.



The exact similar high-pressure cleaning strength of the HyrdroForce SX-12 is applied
in this 7″ wide cleaning instrument.



Push all of the high water force via an extraordinary brand new spray jet which delivers
remarkable power to clean extremely soiled tile & grout.



Hydroforce SX-7 launches tremendous power towards an even smaller-sized area for
intense cleaning action.



Cleans counter-tops, shower stalls, spots around toilets, and also any kind of difficult
to reach areas.



Transform any kind of portable extractor into a remarkably effective tile and
grout cleaning unit using the Water Otter!



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