King Cobra 1200

King Cobra 1200

Dual-Surface Cleaner
Carpet / Upholstery
Hot Water Extraction
Hard Surface
Tile and Grout
US Products Cobra 300-H Portable Extractor

The hottest new technology from the King Cobra Series offering a unique dual surface concept. Forceful 1200 psi designed for hard surface area cleaning like tile & grout, or change to hot water, rapid 212° F for carpet cleaning with 150 psi. Auto-fill using power priming process, chemical metering as well as auto dumping get the King Cobra 1200 simple to use and also effective.

Patent-pending, integrated 25’ hose reel delivers simple hose control. The wand-holder chemical storing system as well as huge transport wheels provide effective, single person transport. When it comes to performance, flexibility and also comfort, King Cobra 1200 is an excellent choice.

US Products Features



  • Hose Reel — Patent pending, integrated 25′ vacuum & solution hose reel for simple hose control.
  • Smart Circuit Locator — Quickly detects separate lines to get rid of blown circuits.
  • Heating unit — In line, after the pump designed for longevity as well as immediate heat up to 212° F, life time warranty.
  • Low Solution-Fill — Solution fill location placed low for convenient bucket fill and much less back tension
  • Low Moisture Process — Much less water (coupled with greater heat) indicates quicker drying, a lot less possibility of shrinkage, as well as significantly less wicking from the pad.
  • Vacuum Manifold — Improves productivity when utilizing 2 vacuum motors in sequence.
  • Tanks & Bodies — Light-weight, rotationally formed with life time warranty towards fractures, leakages, and also dents.
  • Cord Wrap — Could Support to as much as 50 ft of 12/3 electrical cord.
  • Dual Surface — Set for 1200 psi for Hard Floor cleaning or Instantaneous 212° F for Carpet Extraction with Hot Water at 150 psi.
  • Power Prime System — Foot controlled valve for simple priming.
  • Automated Dump — 5.5 gallons each minute using Electronic Shut off.



Specifications and Features of the King Cobra 1200



  • Hose Reel
  • 25’ High Pressure Solution Line and Crushproof Vacuum Hose
  • 7.2” 3-Stage Vacuum
  • 140” Waterlift
  • Ball and Float Shut-off
  • Positive Displacement, Fully Adjustable 0-1200 PSI Pump
  • Instant 212° F, 2000 Watt Inline Heater
  • Smart Circuit Locator
  • Low Moisture System
  • 16 Gallon Solution Tank
  • 14 Gallon Recovery Tank
  • Convenient Low Solution Filling Area For Easy Filling
  • Auto Fill
  • Power Prime System
  • Auto Dump with 5.5 gpm Electronic Shut-off
  • Chemical Tray
  • Two Handles For Easy Maneuverability and Loading
  • Wand Caddy for Easy Transport
  • Dump Hose, 22” Height
  • 10′ Non-Marking Locking Wheels
  • Cords: 2 Each Detachable 12/3 Gauge, Hospital Grade Plugs
  • Stainless Steel Pre-Filter
  • Dimensions: 36”H x 21”W x 39”L

Retail Price: $4,885.32

Description Retail Price Rotovac Price
King Cobra Pro Machine Only $6,808 $6,127
King Cobra Pro & EV Wand $7,402 $6,662
King Cobra Pro & Turbo Hard Tool $7,960 $7,164
KC Pro W/ EV Wand & Turbo Tool $8,553 $7,698

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