Truck Mounts

Truck Mounts

So what is a truck mount? Truck mount carpet cleaning machines basically are just units that get water to your rotary tool or wand at a higher heat and a greater PSI. More heat and more pressure ususally translates into greater cleaning power for carpets. When cleaning certain surfaces and especially dirty carpets, it is helpful to have a high PSI truckmount hooked up to your Rotovac 360i rather than a portable extraction unit.

Rotovac Steam Shark

The Steam-Shark Hybrid truck mount utilizes a 2400 psi pump and a 250,000 btu diesel heater to produce instant and consistent heat of over 200 degrees at 2.7gpm. The patented portable automatic pump out extraction unit can be positioned inside or outside the entrance of the job site, thus eliminating the need for a large recovery tank, vacuum hose reel and long runs of vacuum hose. – Click Here

TCS Truck Mounts

TCS makes a sturdy, no-frills line of truck mounts for the serious carpet cleaner. Every single machine be it the Warrior,m Chief or Floor Trooper is designed for simple, easy operation. The service and maintenance are designed to be as simple as possible. TCS machines are designed with an open frame, which allows super easy access to the mechanical components making repairs and adjustments a snap. The controls are very straight-forward and the gauges are designed to be very obvious to read. – Click Here.

Century 400 Truck Mounts

Century 400 first set up shop in the good old days of 1977 and have become one of the world’s most respected manufacturers of truck-mounts, portable extractors and other premium carpet cleaning equipment. These are some heavy industrial grade truck mounted carpet cleaning machines you can rely on to get the job done right. For more information on Century 400 truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment
Click Here.

El Diablo Truck Mounts

The El Diablo is a champion in the field of fine truck mount carpet cleaning. Invented by Masterblend, the El Diablo has quickly become one of our top selling truckmount units by virtue of it’s Kohler 27 HP V-Twin engine and ability to run over 700 feet of hose which makes those large houses and apartment building jobs just that much easier. If you are looking for quality and reliability look no further than the Masterblend El Diablo. – Click Here

The Rotovac Steam Shark
Truck Mount Accessories

Rotovac carries the largest selection of accessories anywhere in the world. If we don’t have it, we can get it! Just ask. Whether you need hose reels, chemical racks or water tanks we have you covered! To find out more about our truck mount carpet cleaning equipment – Click Here!

The Rotovac Steam Shark
Truck Mount Van Packages

Getting a truck and a truck mount set up are often the most important first steps in getting a carpet cleaning business set up. It can be confusing though, how do you know what kind of truckmount to buy and what van would work best for you and your business? We have set up several different packages to work within different budgets. Rotovac even offers financing packages that allow you to pay off your new van / truckmount in installments. To find out more – Click Here

The Rotovac Steam Shark
Used Garage Sale Items

Our Garage sale section has quickly become one of the more popular sections on our website due to our continually updated section of used and demo extractors, truckmounts an accesories. We get the occasional jondon used truck mounts, Hydramaster truck mounts, TCS
truck mounts, El Diablo truck mounts, Prochem truck mounts and more. To find out we currently have in stock
Click Here

The Rotovac Steam Shark
Powerplus Truck Mounts

Hailing from the great state of California, Powerplus quickly made a name for itself with it’s versatile “Banshee” truckmount. The Banshee carpet cleaner is noted for it’s large engine and oversized blower which give it a tremendous kick! For more information on the Banshee and Prodigy truck mounts – Click Here

We sell many brands of truck mounts at the guaranteed lowest prices in the USA. We won’t be undersold on any truck mount! Here at Rotovac we take pride in being the premier source for truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment, selling everything from the powerful El Diablo Truck Mount, to the reliable TCS truck mount.

For more information on truck mounted carpet cleaning machines, pricing and availability call us Toll Free 888-768-6822. Yes, we have truck mount parts!

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